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The story of Tu-kay Records and biography of Ash Tu-kay...

About Us

Situated in the historically rich village of Stoke Bruerne, near Northampton, Northamptonshire. Tu-kay Records is an independent project studio created by producer, songwriter and musician 'Ash Tu-kay'.

We offer the opportunity to record music at commercial quality at good and fair rates! Contact us for more information.

Whether you're a singer/songwriter, musician or a band; Tu-kay Records can help. We Specialise in developing and assisting artists & bands to fully realise their music in the form of fully produced works, contributing as much or as little as necessary.

Featuring 16 channel recording capability between the recording room and the control room, with a good range of instruments, hardware, software and microphones available.

Since 2006 Tu-kay Records has recorded a string of successful projects and tracks. To listen to successful projects visit the Showreel.


Ash Tu-kay

Originally from the small village of Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire; Ash is today recognised as a Music Producer and Songwriter. He is also the founder of the independent project recording studio 'Tu-kay Records' and record label 'Audio Vendor'.

Ash started singing and writing songs at the age of six and over the years since, he has practiced Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums and percussion amongst other instruments; adding them to his repertoire.

He has accumulated over 8 years gigging experience in bars, pubs, clubs, Festivals and Parks across the UK. He has successfully organised, promoted and engineered a number of music events and festivals.

Ash has explored and recorded many different styles/genres of music ranging across Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Hip-Hop, Big Band, Metal, Folk and heavy experimentation with sampling, MIDI & electronic music.

Ash has worked with a string of well recognised industry professionals throughout his 15 years of production experience, during which time he has recorded in a wide range of scenarios and has written and contributed to numerous songs.

Ash’s current music projects are branded under the pseudonym Ash Tu-kay; mainly focussed around Rock/Pop/Folk genres, with elements of other styles incorporated for added flavour. Subject material is lyrically focussed on communicating information based on what's happening in the world today, universal truths and fundamentally, music with a message.


"I progressed to Music Production originally as a means to record my own material, in doing so I found a passion for recording.

In my mind, it's important to take things one step at a time and try to make the most of opportunities. I put myself and my ideas forward, and commit myself fully to all projects to which I contribute. I always try to keep an open mind in terms of path or direction."

- Ash Tu-kay

Ash Tu-kay's Projects